Island Trader Vacations Reviews Mount Desert Island

A Natural Wonder

Acadiasm 300x200 Island Trader Vacations Reviews Mount Desert IslandSituated off the East Coast of mainland U.S., Mount Desert Island or just MDI is the largest island off the coast of Maine. With an area of over 100 square miles, Mount Desert Island is the largest island off the coast of Maine and the 6th largest in the contiguous U.S. Home to a year round population of just over 10,000, the island receives close to a half million more visitors each year due to its popular harbor towns and its most famous feature, Acadia National Park.

When French explorer Samuel de Champlain made his way along the East Coast of what would become the U.S., he observed an island which appeared to be barren of all vegetation. It was for this reason that he decided to name the island Ile des Monts Deserts or the Island of the bare mountains or lonely mountains.

Long before the French or other European settlers made their way to this part of the world, many people were already living and thriving in the area. Evidence found on the island date back 6,000 years and tell the story of the islands first residents, the American Indians. These Native American’s survived off the land and the sea harvesting shellfish and gathering both berries and other plants found throughout the region. The island, known to the Native people as Pemetic built canoes and homes from birch bark harvested from the island.

By the 1600’s the first French were arriving to the region and later, the English. For hundreds of years, a battle over this territory ensued not by the Natives but by the English and the French. However, in the mid 1700’s the British triumphed and until the American Revolution remained under British Control

Free from control in the 1800’s, the island began to grow and thrive. Artists, and writers made their way here to enjoy the beauty of the island. In 1901, the islands beuty was further noted and Acadia Naitonal Park was born. By 1919, the area was federally recognized and named Lafayette National Park unitl its name changed in 1929.

Glacially created, this island is truly a natural wonder. Large mountains, small ponds and lakes, giant boulders and a fjard make this land truly one to inspired. Inspiration to millions year after year, Acadia National Park is considered one of the most beautiful national parks in the NPS today. Within the park visitors have much to see and do however, no visit would be complete without first visiting the Loop Road. Here you can see the visitor center and learn more about the area and also experience a taste of just some of what the park has to offer in terms of beauty. Stunning beaches, dramatic rock ledges and a number of points offer amazing views and fun place to swim or just explore. Away from the coast meadows and forests offer visitors the opportunity to commune with nature on dry land. Whether you choose to spend the day or a week, you will not be disappointed.

Popular coastal must-sees outside of Acadia National Park include:

  • Bar Harbor
  • Mount Desert
  • Southwest Harbor
  • Termont

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Island Trader Vacations Travel Services Department Reviews 3 Hawaiian Natural Attractions

waterfall small 300x300 Island Trader Vacations Travel Services Department Reviews 3 Hawaiian Natural AttractionsHawaii is known for its beauty and culture. Our only island state, Hawaii hosts millions of visitors from around the world each year. Whether you enjoy learning more about the culture, the history or the natural surroundings, literally thousands of opportunities exist for travelers. Island Trader Vacations travel services department invites you to take a closer look at 3 of one of Hawaii’s’ top islands best natural attractions.


Napali Cliffs – A stunning coastal mountain range, the Napali Cliffs are the most popular and well known natural feature on the island of Kauai. Accessible only by helicopter tour, sea tour or by hiking, this not quite “easy to access” destination has much to offer. Situated on the north shore of the islands, this iconic coast features undulating lush green peaks towering high above the shoreline. 17 miles in length, the Napali Coast offers amazing Pacific Ocean views and remains virtually untouched. Undeveloped and pristine, visitors can enjoy a peak at what visitors to this lovely island have viewed for thousands of years. Waterfalls, valleys, cliffs and forests make up this amazing destination. The Kalalau Trail makes its way 11 miles through the region crossing valleys on its way to a remote and secluded beach.

Waimea Canyon – Nicknamed the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, this mighty mountain range lacks the velvet green covering of the Napali Cliffs and is much more reminiscent of the range for which it is nicknamed. Located on the west side of the island, it stretches for 14 miles and is upwards of 3,600 feet deep. Valleys, gorges, crags, buttes and views characterize this much more easily accessible destination.  Lookouts are available from the main road. Take your time and do it on your own or take a tour.

Wailua River – One of the only navigable rivers in the islands, this river is one of the best known and popular.  Located on the east side of the island, it is accessible by car. Waterfalls and jungles, caves and mountains stretch for the entire 20 mile length of this lovely and beautiful river. Kayak, canoe or take a tour of this top destination for travel.

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Island Trader Vacations Reviews A Popular Tourist Destination


beautiuflbeachsm 300x200 Island Trader Vacations Reviews A Popular Tourist DestinationCalvia is located on the island of Majorca and is a self-governed community of the Spanish owned Balearic Islands.  This beautiful and historic city is located on the western part of the island near the Sierra de Tramontan, the main mountain of the island group that extends to the Sierra de Na Burguesa, a foothill. Almost 80% of Calvia is protected rural land and offers a unique opportunity to enjoy its ancient history during your visit. The city is located on a peninsula that is surrounded by ravines and valleys.

The city of Calvia first appeared in history in the year 2,000BC as a village, although it is believed to have been inhabited since the Neolithic Era. Sailors that traversed the sea built small villages along the coast as they traveled to Italy, the East and the Iberian Peninsula for trade. These tiny settlements are called cave culture, as the caves that pepper the coast were used for habitation and as burial sites.  There has been an abundance of archaeological excavations of these former settlements that are catalogued and on display at Puig de sa Morsica Archaeological Park which is located in Calvia’s Santa Ponsa district.

Although much of Calvia is rural many areas located along the coastline have expanded into urban areas, that aren’t so much cities, but several small villages.  Don’t let this dissuade you as you will be able to find all the creature comforts that you need.  There are an abundance of beaches that dot the shoreline, even though much of it is rocky, there are some sandy beaches. There are also several islets located along the coastline. There are two islets that have been designated as marine reserves,  they are Malgrats and El Toro.

The city of Calvia started to become a tourist hotspot in the early 1960’s, and the town saw a rapid growth in hotels.  There are four golf courses located around the city. Despite its somewhat rapid growth, this culturally rich city continues to embrace and share its rich history with visitors. There are many ancient fortresses, villas, and ancestral homes located in and around the city proper as well as ancient finds from many archeological digs.

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Island Trader Vacations Reviews 4 Exotic U.S. Destinations

car8b 300x200 Island Trader Vacations Reviews 4 Exotic U.S. DestinationsThe U.S. is made up of more than just its 50 states. Within the United States, exist a number of other types of areas as well including commonwealths, insular areas and territories. Offered protection and sometimes partially governed by the U.S., these exotic and even remote locations offer American’s a whole different kind of experience. Take a look at some of these amazing destinations for travel with us as we review 4 exotic U.S. destinations for travel.

Puerto Rico – Home to approximated 3.5 million people, the commonwealth of Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States and is located in the Caribbean. Around 110 miles long and 35 miles wide, it is around 1,300 miles off the coast of Florida. An interesting blend of cultures, Puerto Rico’s residents speak both Spanish and English, the two official languages of the islands. Top experiences in Puerto Rico range from adventure tourism, to golf to beach and water related activities. Top destinations include El Yunque National Forest and Ponce and Culebra.

United States Virgin Islands – Home to around 106,000 residents, the U.S. Virgin Islands are an insular area of the U.S. and are part of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. Made up of many islands, the three main islands are St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas. Encompassing over 130 square miles of land, its capital city of Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas is home to most residents. A tourist mecca, the Virgin Islands are some of the most popular areas for travel in the Caribbean. Culture, history and nature make up some of the most popular activities and destinations on the islands today.

Northern Mariana Islands – Made up of three main islands which include Saipan, Tinian and Rota, the Northern Mariana Islands are a U.S. Territory and are made up of 15 islands in total. Home to almost 55,000 people, it welcomes thousands of others each year for its stunning weather, historic sites both above and below the ocean and its natural beauty. Exotic and remote, these islands are located in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and the Philippines.

American Samoa – Another Island group situated in the Pacific, American Samoa is home to over 50,000 residents and are truly remote. Another unincorporated territory, American Samoa is well known for its culture and its solitude. Exotic and beautiful, it offers a similar culture to that found in Hawaii but with many fewer people and a strong connection to the past. Part of the Polynesian Triangle, it along with Easter Island and Hawaii are the heart of Polynesia.

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Island Trader Vacations Reviews 2014 Top Spring Destinations

Washington DC small 300x198 Island Trader Vacations Reviews 2014 Top Spring DestinationsThough much of the U.S. remains in a deep freeze, time marches on and spring looms in the foreground. Days are getting longer, the sun is up earlier and the birds are people everywhere are making plans to get out and explore. If you are planning your spring retreat and looking for an ideal destination, take a look at 3 top destinations for spring 2014 with us.

National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, D.C. – One of the premier Spring Festivals, this Cherry Blossom Festival welcomes visitors from around the world to learn more about culture, art and enjoy the beauty of the blossoms. Running from March 20th to April 13th 2014, it is often touted as one the U.S. top spring festival. Whether you are going to enjoy the beauty of the blossoms or for the cultural sites and activities relating to the event, you are sure not to be disappointed this year. Taste, read, listen and enjoy all that makes this festival unique.

Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage Great Smoky Mountains National Park – One of the most visited parks in the country, spring presents a unique and beautiful time to visit this national park. Hosting the 64th annual Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage from April 15th-18th, 2014, this fun and beautiful  event allows visitors to learn more about the natural world unique to this part of the country. Tours, classes, seminars, tours, and other programs allow you to enjoy nature and learn in spring.

Temps de Flors Festival, Girona, Spain – Taking place from May 10th – May 8th 2014 in Gerona, this perhaps lesser known spring festival is considered one of the most beautiful in Spain. From food to music to flowers, this exhibition converts monuments, gardens and courtyards into beautiful flora arrangements and celebrates the culture of this unique and historic Catalonia city.

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